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    Leather leather rights center located in Huadu  
    2015 "leather logo Cup" China International luggage leather design contest final results announced  
    The most benefit of the marathon is the sports shoes manufacturers  
    2016 box together Shanghai  
    Dalian construction of the first Chinese fur exchange project  
    2015 the latest report of Milan leather exhibition in autumn  
    Shiling No.1 (International) leather bags trading center promotion professional market 30 strong  
    Chinese shrine city official stationed 波兰普达科 Shiling leather fashion city  
    The first "Shiling · Cultural Park" cup Pijuxiangbao job skills contest preliminaries successfully completed  
    China Leather Capital "gathered 12 key projects, four large industrial park  
    Shiling leather industry entrepreneurs to seize opportunities for the development of writing a new dream, Guangdong leather  

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